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Ultimate Power Program

Do you know who you really are, what you value and what’s your purpose?

If you want to create a life that is filled with passion, achievement, progress and rewards, the most effective solution is through self-improvement, self-development and personal growth.  To be able to create positive change you must first better understand who you are, what influences you and drives you forward.  This will enable you to create power, become stronger, be more resources and be an ultimate winner in your best life. Read more..

Business Performance Power

How long are you prepared to tolerate business as usual?

Do you think you have sweated enough under your own steam trying to create the results you know you could achieve?

Many business owners are exhausted and overwhelmed by the pace at which the business world is travelling.  The relentless demands of running your business falls on your weary shoulders and it can also have you feeling lonely and isolated.  Sometimes when you are in the thick of it, it is incredibly hard to see a way forward.  There is a solution. Read more..

Behavioural Profiling

Many people assume that profiling is about learning your strengths and sticking to them, ignoring that which doesn’t serve.

In fact, it is so much more about learning how to develop the areas of our behavioural selves that are lacking so we can be even more flexible with our clients, business and community.

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Ultimate Team Work

We work closely with the client to develop a tailored program for the team based on diagnostic needs assessment. We look at gathering, identifying and defining a set of development priorities and solutions based on results of individual team member responses that have been analysed. This leads to an improvement at the operational level, an organisation’s culture, staff morale, motivation and most importantly productivity.

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Life Balance & Success

This program focuses on life balance and maximising your happiness & success. Provides you with improvement and growth in many areas of life, such as:

  • Certainty in your future vision
  • Increased confidence
  • More connection and passion in your relationships
  • Clarity with your career/business goals
  • Improved health, energy and vitality

Abundance in time and wealth. Read More…

Health Mindset, Body & Lifestyle

How many times have you either heard the story or said it to yourself: “Diets just don’t work?”

All too often, people who want to lose weight believe that their lack of success is the result of the wrong diet, their lack of exercise, their work schedule, their genes or a ton of other reasons.

We believe, however, that successful weight loss happens as a result of having the right mindset, understanding how your own excuses sabotage you.

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Hypnosis can be helpful in overcoming undesired habits (such as quitting smoking or reducing), emotional eating, managing stress, enhancing job performance, improving at sports, increasing self-motivation and self-confidence, reducing anxieties (such as fear of flying) and sleeping disorders and a list of many other things. Read more…

Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

We offer many workshops and presentation for businesses, organisations and groups.  We take into account what the goals are, the amount of time available and the number of participants.  We also consider the participant’s skill set and experience, the group dynamics and other factors that will influence the design and facilitation of the workshop or presentation. Read more


Pina’s program helped me to see myself in a way I never thought possible. With her coaching, techniques, activities and general approach to each session, habits of a life time (self-doubt, worry, need to control and protect everything to name a few) slowly began to fade and new patterns began to form in my mind and in my daily life. Read more…


Customer Service, NAB

Pina totally took me by surprise with the amazing results I got from our coaching sessions. I went into the sessions with an open mind and thought I knew my strengths and weaknesses when it came to learning and growing. Read more…


Pina has a wealth of experience in all the key areas I wish to develop and as a coach she is so present, that I feel really understood in a way that I have never previously experienced. Read more…


Therapist, Heavenly Bodies

Your desire to share, listen and your insights have helped and will continue to help me be a better me and I am so excited about the person I am still to become. Read more…


Insurance Consultant