About Page Photo_Pina (Small)For many years of my life I was one of those people who you would find at the back of a room.  I was the one you wouldn’t even notice in a meeting; I even dressed incognito.  I was one of those people who wouldn’t speak in public and steered away from taking jobs that required me to be speaking to large groups of people and I didn’t get to experience many opportunities.

Underneath the shy girl, was a woman with dreams, desires and goals.  I always knew that I had great potential but I wasn’t sure how to reach it or achieve it.  I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business but I wasn’t sure where to start and what to do.  I lacked confidence in myself and my abilities.  I played a very small game and always stayed in the same place of comfort and certainty with what I knew.

Many times, I had that nagging feeling that I was only inches away from reaching my goals and achieving success and somehow I kept missing the mark.  I kept saying to myself : “There’s got to be an easier way to getting better results and have the things that I want in life, and if I can figure it out I’d be set”.

People around me would say.. “Go do it.  You will be great.” But they didn’t tell me how to achieve.

What was missing was the fact that I didn’t actually know any processes or habits for actually achieving my goals and dreams.  It’s not like they teach this sort of stuff in school or the workplace, right?

Fortunately, I did figure it out.  Yeah!  After years of personal and professional experience, studying human behaviour and performance, and working with and hanging out with top achievers, I discovered that there is a secret…

“In order to change my results I MUST change my thoughts.”

I realised what it means to open the door to an open mind and that by changing my thoughts, together with having the right tools, strategies, training, I can have the life I desire and deserve.

Having tried my hand in several different industries, jobs, positions, I am driven by my passion for efficiency, productivity and ongoing improvement.  There is always room for improvement, isn’t there?

A number of years ago, I was retrenched and made the decision to start my own business and be that entrepreneur that I had always yearned for.  I took small steps, attended a lot of training and development courses.  I was quite nervous about starting my business, very nervous about speaking in public, and most of all I wasn’t sure how I was going to do sales, marketing, networking and earn an income. It was taking too long to get moving. I invested in a mentor and got some tailored training (the right stuff for me) and it quickly came together.  I put in the hours and systems to have a structure that worked and now I have an amazing business and the lifestyle I had always wanted.

I love my work and my lifestyle!  I am privileged to work with amazing leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, practitioners, coaches and consultants who are ready to TAKE ACTION to transform their life, career or their business.  I share what I’ve used to build my business and lifestyle as well as building their clarity and confidence to take their life and work to the next level. I show them how, hold their hand, keep them accountable and push them when they need it.  I show them how to have the business, career and lifestyle they desire and deserve.

Coaching and personal development changes lives.  It’s for people who are genuinely devoted in making a difference for themselves and for what they can offer others in their life.

I am a personal and professional consultant and coach that can bring out the best in you.  I provide you with valuable tools and skills that you can apply to your personal and professional life. My programs are step by step, highly personalised and tailor made to suit.

I am the person that listens deeply and will tell you the truth about things.  I am the person that will be your biggest cheerleader that will champion you throughout your journey.  My work is to assist with upgrading your skills to have a better relationship with yourself and the people that matter most. I will bring new tools for your toolbox to make life easier, simpler, and fulfilling and a lot more fun.  I will assist to transform your health and vitality and bring more energy to your life, to maximise your wealth and finances, to bring optimum growth personally and professionally so you can live a life that you love and deserve.

We will work together if you are prepared to fully commit to fully achieve.  You understand that you may have to change your habits and patterns that don’t serve you, get out of your comfort zone to change your world, create goals and dreams that you have always wanted.  I don’t expect that you will settle for a default future as that will happen on its own.

When you work with me you have truly invested in the best investment you could possibly have; your own growth as an effective and professional human being.

My programs will give you confidence, clarity and focus to achieve what you want.   It provides a solution that is not only easy and works; it is transformational and is sustainably implemented into your life.

Together we will turn any goal or ambition you have into the most exciting project you have always wanted.  My work is about navigating you through obstacles, developing a powerful and positive mindset that gives you the roadmap for your life projects.  Let me be your project manager.

So, if you are looking to:

  • Have something more or different from your life, relationships and work
  • Boost and expand your wealth
  • Need a new lens to see old problems and make new changes
  • Have fears or concerns that need unpacking to launch an improved lifestyle
  • Feel more alive, authentic and more comfortable with yourself
  • Be a strong and effective leader
  • Step up and build a successful business
  • Have a healthy, energetic and exciting life
  • Have strong connections and meaningful relationships
  • Have a lifestyle you dream and deserve.

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Ultimate Power Program

Thank you Pina for paving the way to a journey of true self-discovery.

What a relief to have unpacked the luggage I had been carting around for many years!
I certainly did not expect to feel comfortable having difficult and vulnerable conversations.  Your personal and professional integrity speak volumes about you.

You gave me strength when I felt weak, and more importantly, you helped me realise the strength I always had within myself. I am so grateful for the invaluable tools and resources you have provided as I am able to take them away and share them with my wonderful daughters.

Your program is transformative and your passion to assist people to live their best life is commendable.

Thank you so much!

Vicki Aresca
Meditation Works Melbourne



In May of this year, for various reasons, I wanted to start seeing a life coach.  Pina Cerminara came highly recommended so I chose to follow her and her program. I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. Pina’s program was insightful, challenging, rewarding and sometimes even confronting but always beneficial!

Pina’s program helped me to see myself in a way I never thought possible. With her coaching, techniques, activities and general approach to each session, habits of a life time (self-doubt, worry, need to control and protect everything to name a few) slowly began to fade and new patterns began to form in my mind and in my daily life. I now believe in myself and what I have to offer those around me.  I now believe that I’m worthy of good things happening to me. I now have goals to focus on and know I have the abilities to achieve them.

There are still days/times when the old me creeps back but Pina gave me great tools and knowledge to help me overcome those days and although I may not be exactly where I want to be yet, I know I will NEVER be where I was when I first started the program.

I highly recommend Pina to anyone that wants to make a positive change in their life. It will definitely be a decision they won’t regret!

Sophie P
Customer Service



Pina totally took me by surprise with the amazing results I got from our coaching sessions. I went into the sessions with an open mind and thought I knew my strengths and weaknesses when it came to learning and growing.

Pina totally blew my whole logic upside down by helping me see a strategy I had been running my entire life for what it was.  While I thought it was a strength, she helped me identify how I had fine-tuned it to allow me to become a subject matter expert in my profession, however it wasn’t serving me in any other way and I needed to find an alternate strategy in other areas.

With Pina’s guidance I managed to do this, and it has truly helped me in all aspects of my life.

Thank you Pina for your passion, understanding, strength and patience, you rock!




I have received a series of extraordinary coaching sessions from Pina Cerminara and am blown away with her ability to open me up to a whole new dimension of possibility for my life.

Pina has a wealth of experience in all the key areas I wish to develop and as a coach she is so present, that I feel really understood in a way that I have never previously experienced. By this I mean that Pina listens in a way that truly allows me the space to express my concerns and feeds back exactly how I feel. I recommend her services to anyone that is looking to expand their potential in life.

Beauty Therapist


Health Mindset, Body & Lifestyle

Dear Pina

It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to express my sincerely thanks to you.

When I met you I had one goal in mind – to lose 10 kilograms. Since I began the program you have delivered that and so much more. Yes the ten kilos have come off and I am confident you have given me the tools and the self-belief that I can keep them off. In fact you have also given me the belief that there will be a few more kilos to say goodbye too as well.

In addition you have shared so much with me about yourself that has helped me better understand myself in so many areas of my life. Your desire to share, listen and your insights have helped and will continue to help me be a better me and I am so excited about the person I am still to become.

I now know your program is fantastic. I believe your knowledge and sincerity is a gift to those who seek it and I am so glad you were happy to share it all with me.

Regards with all my thanks.

Insurance Consultant


Business Performance Power

I approached Pina as I needed guidance and direction to move my business to the next level, but more specifically to help me identify what was my true purpose and motivation in this lifetime.

Pina helped me by holding me to account and offered numerous solutions to my challenges. Her extensive insight and experience enabled me to try new innovative ways to expand my perception of business building skills. On a personal front, Pina taught me to be “authentic” and in doing so this would give permission for others to do the same.

The result was that I was able to tick off many of my objectives such as employing new staff, leading a team of professionals, acquiring speaking opportunities, just to name a few. I established a new vision for my business whereby now all of my decisions are aligned with this intention. I have owned my attributes of leader, inspirer and role model and I continue to remind myself to stay true to these qualities.

What I enjoyed the most was that Pina kept it “real” all the time. Her honesty, authenticity and determination allowed me to also act in much the same way. I felt tremendous growth as a result and safety in those moments of vulnerability.

I found the experience to be highly effective and worthwhile and it taught me the power of authenticity personally and professionally. I would not hesitate in recommending Pina to anyone who is in need of support, direction and guidance both for business and for self-growth, confidence and self-empowerment.

Love and light,

Paula Scarmozzino   
Naturopath & Weight Loss Specialist


Behavioural Profiling

I recently had my E DISC personality profile done with Pina Cerminara.

It was a really fantastic experience and I discovered out a lot about myself and my character. My whole personality was mapped out for me and I could recognise at a glance why I do what I do and what things really make me tick. It was so fascinating.

It made me recognise my strengths and also identified areas of my character to focus on developing in the future. This means I can now achieve the goals in my life I have set for myself a lot faster. By identifying these areas to build on I recognised and understood why I wasn’t getting the results in my life I wanted or why people weren’t seeing me as I wanted them to.

The exercises Pina showed me to help develop these areas were simple and straightforward and she helped me recognise how getting out of my comfort zone would help me build my character and develop my personality. Some of it was a bit scary but I introduced a bit of chaos into my life today, as she suggested, and the subsequent results were far better than I would have ever imagined! It was awesome.

If you want to get to know yourself better, identify parts of your personality that may be holding you back (and what you can do about it) or recognising where your strengths lie so you can get better results in your career or personal relationships, I would thoroughly recommend getting Pina to organise your  E DISC profile for you. It was worth every cent!

S. Merrick
Kilsyth, Victoria


Ultimate Team Work

I manage a team that I inherited as a result of a merger.  While the team had a range of diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills it also had different personalities, cultures and work practices that led to a considerable amount of interpersonal conflict within the team which affected individual and team performance and delivery.

I decided to contact Pina to help me out with the team because I loved her energy and positivity.  I thought that the team would benefit by working with someone independent and with great insight into the power of positive psychology.

I met with Pina and after sharing my concerns about my team, she suggested a solution that would give the team members an opportunity to talk about their own experience of the team, share their vision for the team and suggest solutions on how to strengthen the team’s ability to work together and perform.

Over a couple of weeks, Pina met each and every team member on a one on one basis and spent between 1 – 2 hours which gave her wonderful insights into what was going on for each member. We found that despite the individual differences, most of the team members had a shared vision for the team.

Pina was also able to give me some insights into the team that I just couldn’t see and she also provided me with feedback about my leadership and how this was impacting the team.  While this was difficult to hear, it made me realise that I also needed to make changes and lead in a different way if I wanted a high performing team.

Pina facilitated a session with my team, which gave people the opportunity to have a say and to also suggest an action that would help the team move forward.  While that session was difficult, it gave people the opportunity to have a say and to be solution focused.

Ten months down the track, the team is still together.  While it continues to experience challenging moments, the team has a lovely buzz.  There is a lot more purposeful collaboration, people are more focussed and we are better at delivering.  Most importantly,  I hear laughter, see people having lunch together and get really excited about sharing team achievements.

The best part about this experience is that it gave the team the opportunity to solve a problem together.  This was powerful for me as a leader and empowering for the team.   Thank you Pina.

Antoinette Battista
Director – People & Executive Services
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources


Life Balance & Success

I approached Pina Cerminara from Personal Power Solutions because I was at a point in my life where I felt I was distancing myself from family, friends and in particular my son. My life felt as if it was without balance and was simply idling along. I knew I was isolating myself and made a conscious decision to make a difference but I really needed assistance.

Pina helped me by beginning a conversation with me, which for me was satisfying to be a part of. The initial conversation with Pina has led to many wonderful conversations with my friends and my family and most importantly my son. Pina was never judgemental and through our conversation I learnt to engage in a positive dialogue. Pina set challenges for me at our sessions. These challenges helped me immensely. At first I was unsure about taking up the challenges but as I travelled from challenge to challenge I discovered more about my potential and myself. I also discovered it’s always about the journey not the destination.

As a result of Pina’s efforts I have an awareness to be grateful for many more things now. I now acknowledge those who are significant to me for all that they are to me. I now take full ownership for my own existence and all that I do. I have changed my thought process and have taken on a positive outlook for my future.

The things I enjoyed were the challenges, the conversations, the learning, the revision and recognising my achievements. I also enjoyed how I surprised myself with my efforts. In particular I seriously enjoy the vastly improved relationship I have with my loving son. For without Pina’s assistance this may not have occurred.

I found the experience very rewarding, enlightening, mentally stimulating and at times a challenge which I most definitely needed. Pina is an exceptionally positive person who listens with focus and delivers on her words. The challenges Pina set me were exactly what I needed at the time. They won’t be forgotten.

I would recommend Personal Power Solutions to people who need assistance with direction in their life, a sense of worth, balance, self-confidence, self-assurance and those who recognise they’ve lost focus on the journey and continue to focus on the destination by simply placing one foot in front of the other. My results speak volumes for Pina’s expertise.

Thank you Pina!!!

Dean Sewell



The hypnotherapy sessions I had during my pregnancy helped me with so many things.  I felt more relaxed, calm and focused, with a clearer mind.  I felt well rested after many months of poor sleep.

It also gave me a coping mechanism for my labour, which was really important for me as I initially had a lot of anxiety around the birth.

Thanks again Pina !

Mother of Charlotte


Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

“Pina presented a high level workshop on how communication skills is empowering and relates to every aspect of our lives.  She also showed us how it alleviates conflict and provides a basis to successful relationships.  This workshop clearly showed me how little I really listen and how to be better at it and how valuable it is for me to work on this.  The workshop was to the point and well timed for attention”. – Josephine

“It was insightful with great examples given to clarify the information and points being made.  It was great and beneficial and I would recommend to others”. – Angelina

“Pina is really personable and created a great learning environment which was warm and relatable”. – Patricia

“Pina is informative and energetic.  She is happy and interested in everybody’s thoughts”. – Trish

“Pina ran a fun and informative workshops.  The topics that were chosen were very relevant for what we needed.  Pina included everyone at various times that enabled us to bring relevance to our own situation”.” – Kathleen

“Pina’s workshop was wonderful to learn more about myself and how to communicate best with others”. – Michelle

“I am walking away with new knowledge on communication and the tips given I can and will easily implement”. – Marie

“The workshop was interesting with plenty to learn”. – Nicole