FreedomI hear so many women talking about how important it is to look after their health and well-being.  Yet, their actions speak a little different.  Women are consistently juggling partners, kids, mortgages, careers or business, a social life and aim to fit in something nice for a treat.  Sadly, most busy women seem to be doing a fabulous job in taking care of everyone else and missing out themselves.  I see this often with woman whose weight gain showcases their lack of self-love and self-care.

Is self-love and self-care for you mean going to great lengths to do your hair and make-up and perhaps throw in a pedicure or two? Or perhaps you measure it by the amount of time and energy you spend on how you look and dress?  Or even spending your money on designer clothes, bags, shoes and sunglasses?  Most of you will say no, however there is some that miss the basic of self-love and care.

While there are so many areas to cover with how to love yourself and your body, there is one important area that needs mentioning.  The way you feed yourself is the most basic, most fundamental way you demonstrate self-care and self-love.  You may skip breakfast, race through traffic, add a muffin with your mid-morning coffee, eat a salad for lunch at your desk, and race to pick up the kids from school, get home and start your second job of family duties. You then inhale your dinner, put the kids to bed and then finally come to rest and indulge in chocolate or other comforting food while you endeavour to unwind after a busy day. Then wonder why you are always tired or overweight.

The waistlines of the Western world are expanding like never before.  Amongst the many changes that are happening in our world, fast food outlets are everywhere, pre-packaged foods are easily available, both parents now working, rushing more than ever before and this has changed how you feed not only their own bodies, but the bodies of your family.

Perhaps you have gone on endless diets to fit into your favourite jeans or bikinis. Perhaps purchased packaged meals designed for dieters at the supermarket or followed your own restrictive diet and put your body through the wringer. Maybe you got a personal trainer and bust your butt for 6 weeks. Is this how you get to healthy?

Feeding your body nutritionally takes time and effort. You must educate yourself and be fully informed on your health and what your body needs to function at the optimum level.  The rewards of good health can be overlooked when you are looking to save time or work longer hours to earn more money. Did you know that you will spend more time thinking about money than your health?

Self-love and self-care requires you to take note of what you eat and how you look after your body. I am a firm believer that if you look after your body, your body will look after you.  You may be constantly focusing on the next thing you have to do, the next job you have to get to, the next dollar you need to earn.  While these are important things to focus on, you must never lose focus on your vehicle that you rely on to get you to where you want to go.

It is unfortunate that even with all good efforts, you can still fall short getting ALL the nutriments that the cells of our body needs.  Today’s food is not as nutritious as you believe it to be.  Most people will take supplements to ensure that they get all their nutrition.  While I fully support and agree with this, some people use supplements as the cheat’s way of not paying too much attention to what they eat or drink.

Would you put water in your car’s petrol tank or drive your car every day with a TV in the boot?  Yet you may pay little attention to what goes into your stomach and carry around extra kilos on your body and wonder why you are tired and sluggish.  Then years later will wonder why your body doesn’t keep up with your or need repair.

To have true self love and self-care, start with how you feed yourself.  Focus on what you’re eating, what you’re drinking and how you can have a lifestyle that will support your health and energise you.  Get educated and find out what you need to do to have the body you want and deserve.

If you are not sure where to start and would like more information or help with some tools and strategies for a healthy mindset, body and lifestyle, please get in touch with me.